When Dan is not running, he spends his time working on a Print on Demand project for the Eastman School of Music, through the Sibley Music Library. His main music interests lie in 20th-Century composers and “popular” music. His favorite composer is Frank Zappa. Dan has a music degree from Nazareth College and performs on electric and string bass. He has toured the U.S. in a blues band and was principal bassist for the Nazareth College Symphony Orchestra. His primary “popular” music interests lie in the explosion of punk, hip-hop, avant garde and jazz during the 1970s. He also holds a Master of Library Science degree from SUNY University at Buffalo where his main interests lie in academia.

Dan currently trains in Merrell Mix Master running shoes (4 mm drop) and an assortment of clothing primarily found at outlet stores, TJ Maxx, and Marshalls.

Race finishes include

Highland Forest 1-2-3, 2001

Monster Marathon, 2001

Bull Run Run 2001, 2002

Mendon Trail Runs 50 k 2001, 2002

Massanutten Mountain Trial 100 DNF 87 miles 2002

Haliburton Forest 100, 2002

Preque Isle 12 hour, 2002


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