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Hating Rochester From Behind The Picket Fence



I love Rochester more every day. The summer sun brings a glow about this city and all that’s going on that I am more and more addicted toall the time. Yes, there’s plenty we have to roll up our sleeves and accomplish, but we have something very very good here.

There isone thing, however, I’m a little tired of, somethingI would like to address. The other day I made the mistake (like always) of viewing the comments following a Facebook post about a new and positive project in the city. Person after person slammed the city and slammed the initiative… “a waste of taxpayer money,” “I don’t even go downtown so I’m not paying for it” and my personal favorite “it’s the Fast Ferry all over again.”

Sidebar. The Fast Ferry was a disaster, but for God’s sake stop negatively comparing EVERYTHING in Rochester to the stupid boat.

OK, deep…

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